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E. Steffens, Proc. 14th International Workshop on Polarized Sources, Targets and Polarimetry (PSTP 2011), 12-16 September 2011, St.Petersburg, Russia, eds. K. Grigoryev, P. Kravtsov and A. Vasilyev, ISBN 978-5-86763-282-3, (2011), pp. 11-14.
Welcome session
E. Steffens Status of spin physics and experiments pages 11-14
Session 1: Polarized electron sources
E. Riehn Determination of photoabsorbtive heating in DBR and non DBR photocathodes pages 17-20
L. Gerchikov Period dependence of time response of strained semiconductor superlattices pages 21-24
Y. Poltoratska Injector for polarized electrons at the S-DALINAC pages 25-28
E. Tsentalovich Status of high intensity polarized electron gun project pages 29-31
M. Wagner Laser systems for a source of polarized electrons at the S-DALINAC pages 32-35
Session 2: Polarimetry
A. Zelenski Polarimetry at RHIC and polarized beams at √S = 500 GeV in Run 2011 pages 39-42
R. Engels Extra physics with a polarized atomic beam source and a Lamb-shift polarimeter pages 43-46
Y. Makdisi Proton Polarimetry at RHIC in Run 11 and future upgrades pages 47-50
A. Poblaguev Study of systematic errors in the RHIC/AGS proton-carbon CNI polarimeters pages 51-54
P. Lenisa Perspectives for polarized antiprotons pages 55-58
Session 3: Polarized internal targets, ABS
K. Grigoryev Storage cells for internal experiments with atomic beam source at the COSY storage ring pages 61-64
A. Belov Process of formation of atomic hydrogen beam and intensity limitations of atomic beam-type polarized ion sources and targets pages 65-68
A. Belov Measurements of a radial size of a hydrogen atoms source pages 69-72
D. Toporkov Possibility to obtain a polarized hydrogen molecular target pages 73-75
V. Gupta Modification of the pumping system of the ABS at ANKE/COSY pages 76-79
Session 4: Polarized ion sources
A. Zelenski The RHIC polarized H- ion source upgrade with the neutral hydrogen injector pages 83-86
V. Fimushkin Status of the source of polarized ions for JINR accelerator COMPLEX pages 87-89
R. Barday Commissioning results of the SRF gun with Pb cathode pages 90-93
A. Holler Particle acceleration in laser-induced relativistic plasmas. A novel approach for polarized sources? pages 94-97
Y. Kiselev Einstein-de Haas Nuclear Analogue Experiment pages 98-101
Session 5: Prospects of polarized experiments
F. Rathmann and N. Nikolaev Precursor experiments to search for permanent electric dipole moments (EDMs) of protons and deuterons at COSY pages 105-112
M. Mikirtychyants First experiments with the polarized internal gas target at ANKE/COSY pages 113-115
P. Kravtsov Double polarized dd-fusion pages 116-119
M. Mekhfi Spin versus helicity pages 120-123
Session 6: Polarized solid targets
D. Novinskiy PNPI polarized target for pion-nucleon scattering measurements at intermediate energies pages 127-130
A. Berlin Production and behavior studies of the new ammonia target for the COMPASS experiment pages 131-134
G. Reicherz A continuous wave NMR system for detection of the polarization of solid targets pages 135-138
A. Thomas The polarised solid target for the crystal ball experiment at MAMI pages 139-141
H. Kohri Development of polarized HD target for LEPS experiments pages 142-145
M. Tanaka Polarized solid 3He target created by the brute force method for medical use pages 146-149