List of participants

Nr. name Talk title
1 R. Barday Commissioning results of the SRF gun with Pb cathode
2 A. Belov Process of formation of atomic hydrogen beam and intensity limitations of atomic beam-type polarized ion sources and targets
3 A. Belov Measurements of a radial size of a hydrogen atoms source
4 A. Berlin Production and behavior studies of the new ammonia target for the COMPASS experiment
5 D. Crabb no talk
6 R. Engels Extra physics with a polarized atomic beam source and a lamb-shift polarimeter
7 V. Fimushkin Status of the source of polarized ions for JINR accelerator COMPLEX
8 M. Gaisser no talk
9 L. Gerchikov Period dependence of time response of strained semiconductor superlattices
10 K. Grigoryev Storage cells for internal experiments with atomic beam source at the COSY storage ring
11 V. Gupta Modification of the pumping system of the ABS at ANKE/COSY
12 C. Hess  
13 J. Herick no talk
14 A. Holler Particle acceleration in laser-induced relativistic plasmas. A novel approach for polarized sources?
15 S. Hussain no talk
16 C. Keith no talk
17 Y. Kiselev Einstein-de Haas Nuclear Analogue Experiment
18 H. Kohri Development of polarized HD target for LEPS experiments
19 P. Kravtsov Double polarized dd-fusion
20 P. Lenisa Perspectives for polarized antiprotons
21 Y. Makdisi Proton Polarimetry at RHIC in Run 11 and Future Upgrades
22 Y. Mamaev Determination of photoabsorbtive heating in dbr and non dbr - photocathodes
23 M. Mekhfi Spin versus helicity
24 M. Mikirtychyants First experiments with the polarized internal gas target at ANKE/COSY
25 T. Nakajima How much can we do to polarize nuclei by laser pulses?
26 N. Nikolaev One possibility to look at the deuteron EDM at COSY
27 D. Novinskiy PNPI polarized target for pion-nucleon scattering measuremens at intermediate energies
28 Y. Plis Polarized ion production via passage through a nickel foil
29 A. Poblaguev Study of systematic errors in the RHIC/AGS proton-carbon CNI polarimeters
30 Y. Poltoratska Injector for polarized electrons at the S-DALINAC
31 F. Rathmann Precursor experiments to search for permanent electric dipole moments (edms) of protons and deuterons at COSY
32 G. Reicherz A continuous wave NMR system for detection of the polarization of solid targets
33 E. Riehn Determination of photoabsorbtive heating in DBR and non DBR - photocathodes
34 H. Seyfarth no talk
35 E. Steffens Status of spin physics and experiments
36 H. Stroeher no talk
37 M. Tanaka Polarized solid 3He target created by the brute force method for medical use
38 A. Thomas The polarised solid target for the crystal ball experiment at MAMI
39 V. Tioukine Determination of photoabsorbtive heating in DBR and non DBR - photocathodes
40 D. Toporkov Possibility to obtain a polarized hydrogen molecular target
41 E. Tsentalovich Status of high intensity polarized electron gun project
42 Y. Usov no talk
43 A. Vasilyev no talk
44 M. Wagner Laser systems for a source of polarized electrons at the S-DALINAC
45 A. Zelenski The RHIC polarized H‾ ion source upgrade with the neutral hydrogen injector
46 A. Zelenski Polarimetry at RHIC and polarized beams at √S = 500 GeV in Run 2011.