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XIVth International Workshop on Polarized Sources, Targets & Polarimetry

The workshop is a traditional one to discuss physics and technologies related to the polarized gas/solid targets, polarized electron/ion/neutron sources, and polarimetry.

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Date: 12-16 September 2011

Conference location: Birzhevaya Linija 4, 199034, St. Petersburg, Russia

Local Organizing Committee: Alexander Vasilyev,
Mariya Marusina,
Eugenia Brui,
Peter Kravtsov,
Kirill Grigoryev

Important dates

On-line registration deadline is 1st of August 2011.
Visa application deadline is 30 of June 2011.
Deadline for the abstract submission is 1st July 2011.
Please, use following templates for MS Word or LaTeX (together with PDF).
Hotel reservation deadline is 15 of August 2011.
Proceedings upload
Deadline for the proceedings submission is 15 October 2011.
Please, do not exceed 4 pages for each individual talk.
Please, use following templates for MS Word (preferable) or LaTeX (available on request).

Hosting institutes

St. Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute and National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.


poster PSTP2011

You can download PSTP2011 poster as jpeg, tiff or pdf file.


The proceedings of the Workshop shall be published in PNPI.

International Spin Physics Committee:

Steffens E., Erlangen (Chair)Roser T., BNL (Past-Chair)Milner R.G., MIT (Chair-Elect)
Anselmino M., TorinoBelov A.S., INRBradamante F. *, Trieste
Courant E.D. *, BNLCrabb D.G. *, VirginiaGao H., Duke
Efremov A.V., JINRFidecaro G. *, CERNHaeberli W. *, Wisconsin
Imai K., KyotoKrisch A.D., MichiganLenisa P., INFN
Mallot G., CERNMasaike A. *, Kyotovan Oers W.T.H. *, Manitoba
Poelker M., JLABPrepost R., WisconsinPrescott C.Y. *, SLAC
Saito N., KEKSakai H., TokyoSoergel V. *, Heidelberg
Stephenson E.J., IndianaStroher H., COSYTyurin N.E., IHEP

* Honorary Members


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